Cialis User Reviews

I experienced sexual frustration after divorce. I made an attempt to make sex with my ex girlfriend, but it ended unsuccessfully, for psychological reasons maybe. A friend advised me to buy Viagra. Damn, it’s true! Why did I feel uncomfortable to buy it earlier? I read reviews and chose Generic Cialis. First that I liked in it was the duration of effect. It is up to 36 hours! No erection without stimulation – that also sounded good. I took 1 pill (20 mg) at once. It was before sex. I worried greatly BUT it was the greatest sex I my life. I dodn’t remember to have had anything similar in my youth. Thanks, Generic Cialis!

Jared, 45

I am 55 years old and I have good health for my age, but I noticed that I started to lose it about 5 years ago. I had problems in my sexual life. My wife was discontented and expressed her dissatisfaction. I found one clinic to cure my ED, but the treatment was unsuccessful. Then I tried Viagra, but stopped doing it as I suffered from the worst headache and swelling of the nose. Moreover, the effect lasted for 3-4 hours only. My urologist prescribed me Generic Cialis – 20 mg per one intake. Incredible! It works! My wife is the happiest woman in the world!

Alex, 55

I am 46. I noticed worsening of erection 3 years ago. About three weeks ago, during sex, I started to lose the erection immediately after penetration. My doctor said that my prostate was slightly increased, and I may have prostatitis. He gave me a sample of Generic Cialis 10 mg. I took it as soon as returned from the doctor in my car. Later that night, I had an erection like when I was 18. Sex with my wife was exactly the same as before the deterioration of potency. If you have erectile dysfunction, then do not be afraid to talk about it with your doctor. Your erections will become stronger and more prolonged, after taking Generic Cialis.

Greg, 46

Wow! I must admit I was skeptical, even after reading hundreds of positive reviews. Prior to this, I tried herbal supplements (dietary supplements) and they worked about 30% of cases of sex, and for a married man, these 30% can lead to a divorce. Yes, this was the reason for my first divorce. I got married a second time about 5 years ago; we divorced for the same reason – my inability to prove myself a real man in bed. After reception of Generic Cialis, a month later we made 1, then 2 and at last 3 attempts to have sex. 3 sexual acts per day! Generic Cialis, I love you!

Nick, 36

Having lived my 48 years, I was diagnosed with a bad case of erectile dysfunction. It happened 3 years ago. At first I tried Viagra, but it worked normally for 6-8 hours after intake. My doctor then advised me to try Generic Cialis 20 mg – this was my “daily” dosage. I just go crazy when take it! My erection is instantaneous, even without physical stimulation. No more waiting for erection for a long time, no nerves. I finish longer, but my wife does not complain. Another pro – the ability to have multiple erections, it is something new for me. No headaches or swollen nose. Just take the correct dosage and enjoy bright sex!

Steve, 58

I am 48 years old. I smoke and don’t train much. No obesity or heart problems, but my penis refuses to arise. I experienced an unpleasant embarrassment in bed; I talked to my doctor, and received the standard dose of Generic Cialis (20 mg). I had sex twice withinthe following 36 hours. Then I ordered a pack of pills and take one pill every 2 days. I had a wonderful week – it was like honeymoon as my wife and I were able to have sex spontaneously and repeatedly. Unfortunately, I faced minor side effects – stuffy nose and muscle pain. But I think that all these unpleasant symptoms are not sufficient to prevent the further use of Generic Cialis. My girlfriend is 36 years old. She was very impressed, she felt so good, as if rejuvenated again.

Mason, 48

Excellent medication! I do not see any serious side effects after receiving a pill of 20 mg. Take the next dose no earlier than in 72 hours. The effect lasts for about 36-48 hours. I have a normal erection even 6 days later, but it could still be due to the fact that I quit smoking over a year ago. I also used Viagra, but its effect lasted for several hours only. It was not convenient. Bear in mind that Generic Cialis and Viagra are not drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction; they are just pills that help you to have good sex. I am already 57 years old, but I do not have any serious health problems. I am sure that my erection problems were caused by cigarette smoking.

Trevor, 57

Guys, it really works! Perhaps, it’s a matter of taste. But as for me, Generic Cialis is better than other drugs. Why? 1. Long-lasting effect – almost 2 days. I took 20 mg. But for the first time, psychologically, it is better to take it within 1 hour before sex. 2. Few side effects. I tried several generic medications and came to the conclusion that Generic Cialis is the safest. 3. You can have sex several times per day. You feel confident. Therefore, I choose Generic Cialis and recommend it to all my friends.


I’m 27 years old. I never experienced problems with potency – my wife and I had good sex before the birth of the child. I could bring her pleasure several times during the night. After giving birth, she completely turned her attention to the child, and I still like sex marathons … So, I suffered much and met a girl who shared my views on the duration of sex and its amount. But we didn’t have sex during our first date. I thought it was because of my nervousness. I liked her madly and didn’t want to lose. The second date was the same. Then I decided to stop it. I began to read reviews and comments to the drugs and stopped on Generic Cialis. I took 1 pill 15 minutes before the date. After half an hour in the kitchen, when I poured the wine, she came up and just hugged me … I felt a surge of energy, and the first time we had sex on the kitchen table … then we moved into the bedroom, where we did not stop until the morning .. The result: one pill of Generic Cialis, and I was able to have sex with a girl 6 times a night and once in the morning, and in the morning the duration of sex was almost an hour! During the day she called me and sent hot messages. But you know what the secret was. Men should have their secrets too…

James, 27