5 Types Of Cancer That Are the Most Likely To Arise In Males

Cancer is a serious threat to human health. But when you know about the existing threat and are able to recognize its main symptoms, it will be possible to get a chance to live longer. Here we describe five types of cancer that are most likely to grow in males.

  1. Lung Cancer

Lung cancer appears to be one of the most widespread and the most dangerous types of cancer worldwide. It shares the second place with prostate carcinoma and yields the palm only to skin cancer (carcinoma cutaneum). Its symptoms are long-time continuous coughing, blood in the expectorated sputum, as well as chest pain that is not related to movement.

  1. Prostate Cancer

cancerProstate carcinoma is one of the most widespread types of cancer in men. It possesses (according to different assessments) the second or third place among other kinds of cancer. Unfortunately, in the early stages it usually does not declare itself, so if during a digital rectal examination the doctor finds out that the prostate is enlarged, you may need to take a blood test for prostate specific antigen, and undergo a biopsy, if necessary.

  1. Colorectal Cancer

This type of cancer affects the mucous layer of the intestine. In most cases, colorectal cancer arises in the segmented colon, sigmoid colon, or rectum. Blood in the intestinal discharge may be a reason for a mandatory visit to the doctor. This symptom does not necessarily mean cancer – sometimes it can be caused by hemorrhoids or diverticular disease, but sometimes it can be a precancerous polyp. In any case, it is advisable not to disregard visiting a doctor and undergoing a colonoscopy testing.

  1. Bladder Cancer

This type of cancer features growth of malignant tumor in the mucous layer or in the wall of the bladder. The most widespread disease that is attributed to this kind of cancer is cystitis. An early symptom of this type of cancer may be blood in the urine. Another common symptom may be frequent and painful urination, as well as pain in the lower stomach.

  1. Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a hematologic disease that is characterized by increasing of lymph nodes. If you have discovered enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, armpit or groin areas, and such swelling does not go away within a week, you should necessarily consult your doctor. Sudden loss of weight or pain located in your lymph nodes after drinking alcohol are also reasons to worry.