5 Substantial Benefits of Having a Beard Compared To Regular Face Shaving

The presence of a beard on one’s face has a lot more benefits than just saving time in the morning that the men have to spend on a daily shave. Researchers have summarized the findings of several recent research papers concerning how the beard influences men’s health.

One of these publications was devoted to the connection between the presence of a beard on a man’s face and the risk of skin cancer. Such a study was conducted by Australian scientists from the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba, Australia. They found out that a thick beard stops up to 95% of ultraviolet solar radiation and thereby significantly reduces the risk of basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer. In 80% of cases the tumor develops at the open areas of the body.

BeardThe beard can protect its owner against acne rash – it is enough for the bearded one to wash his face with soap every day. In case of everyday shaving the micro cuts that are inevitably formed can easily become a gateway for infection. This increases the risk of chronic skin irritation by the shaving razor.

Beard allows products of sebaceous glands in the skin to distribute more uniformly, preventing dryness and quick aging under influence of sun and wind. With regular hygiene, the beard helps keeping moisture in the skin and prevents the skin from drying out too quickly, which could result in reduction of its bactericidal properties. Besides, the opinion that beard owners suffer from overheating in summer is nothing more than a myth; quite to the contrary, sweating process is aimed to take excess heat from the body. The beard is some kind of moisture condenser and evaporator, intensifying cooling of the face.

The facial hair holds up a lot of small polluting particles distributed in the air. In this regard, an essential role belongs to the mustache: when it becomes sufficiently big, it acts as an additional filter in the way of harmful impurities and bacteria contained in the air.

Finally, as the authors point out, the beard increases the attractiveness of its owner in the eyes of women and causes subconscious respect from other men. This phenomenon was discovered by scientists from the University of the Australian State University of New South Wales. However, in this regard, the best effect is not produced by the spade beard, but by 10-day bristle. A thick beard won the second prize with regard to the attractiveness in the eyes of the fair sex, and a clean-shaven face possessed the third and last place.