Tadalafil – General Information

What is tadalafil?

Tadalafil has been designed to increase the blood blow to some areas of your body as well as relax muscles found in your blood vessles’ walls. Under the famous name of Cialis, Tadalafil is used to treat impotence and enlarged prostate. Adcirca, another tadalafil brand, is used to deal with pulmonary arterial hypertension as well as enhance exercise capacity in women and men. Unless your physician tells you so, don’t take Adcirca and Cialis together. If you are taking Adempas, tell your doctor about it. Moreover, some medicines may cause dangerous effects if taken in conjunction with tadalafil.

cialis-pillsAvoid taking tadalafil with recreational drugs or any drugs for heart or chest pain problems. If you take tadalafil with any nitrate medicine, you might experience a decrease in your blood pressure. If your erection either lasts longer than four hours or becomes painful, call your doctor right away. Have sudden vision loss? Get emergency aid as soon as you can. If you have recent history of a stroke or heart attack, tell your doctor about it. Talk with your doctor if you have any other condition too such as multiple myeloma or high blood pressure.

Side Effects and Uses

Tadalafil will help any man keep or get an erection. If you have BPH, Tadalafil can help you deal with this condition. It will help you relieve symptoms of this disease such as the need to urinate a lot or urgently. Tadalafil may also help you relax the smooth muscle in the bladder or prostate. You might experience some side effects over time such as back pain, stomach upset or headaches. Talk with your pharmacist or doctor immediately if these side effects worsen or persist. Get up slowly if you are going to rise from any lying or sitting position.

Since most people taking Tadalafil don’t have major side effects, doctors tend to recommend this drug quite often. If you take this drug and feel heart issues while having sex, call your physician right away. Call your doctor if you have decreased vision including blindness in both eyes or one of them. Rash, itching and other serious reactions might occur, so call your doctor if you experience these symptoms. Some of this drug’s inactive ingredients might cause some allergic reactions, so talk with your doctor about it. Your doctor or pharmacist should know about your medical history. So talk with them before using this drug.

how-do-tadalafil-work-PDE5When used with some nitrates, Tadalafil might cause a drop in blood pressure. This can lead to fainting, dizziness, stroke or even heart attack. Don’t use Tadalafil with isosorbide, nitroglycerin and other drugs designed to treat angina or chest pain. You should avoid using Tadalafil with butyl nitrite, amyl or any other recreational drug. If your taking tamsulosin, doxazosin or any alpha blocker medication, Tadalafil might cause fainting or dizziness. To minimize the risk of getting low blow pressure, your doctor might adjust the alpha blocker drug or lower the dose of Tadalafil.

Further Details

Call a poison control center in case of overdose. In addition, you should phone your local emergency service if you cannot breathe or have collapsed. Ask your doctor or pharmacist as many questions as you can about Tadalafil including refilling the prescription. Write down all of the OTC and prescriptions drugs you’re currently taking including minerals, vitamins and dietary supplements. Bring the list with your if you’re at hospital or visit a physician. Carry the list with you in case of emergency. Don’t even think about taking a double dose per day just to make up for a missed dose, as this can cause serious problems.

If you’re allergic to some medications including Tadalafil, let your doctor know about it. Read the list of ingredients of your Tadalafil tablets. If you have PAH, Tadalafil can help you increase your ability to exercise. Tadalafil will work hard to increase the blood flow that your penis gets during sexual intercourse. This situation may cause an erection over time. Tadalafil can help you deal with PAH by relaxing your lung’s blood vessels allowing blood to flow easily. Tadalafil will not cure your erectile dysfunction at all or increase your sexual desire in any way, so you’re better of keeping these things in mind.